• Senior (18+)
    • participating in the OWL Women’s Competition
  • Junior (U16)
    • participating in the ORU Junior Girl’s Competition
  • Junior (U18)
    • participating in the ORU Junior Boy’s Competition

The current player group practice twice weekly – info here. We include newcomers, provincial, national Rugby Union and Rugby League athletes. Our committed membership welcomes any level of experience and encourages you to register with our team!

In May/June 2022 we started offering our first U18 Junior programming, in hopes of growing accessibility of rugby for Scarborough-based athletes. Each Junior program will focus on teambuilding, leadership and athletic development in young athletes. If you are looking for a summer activity to make lifelong friends and gain invaluable rugby skills – this is the spot for you (or your youth)!

Coming soon…

Junior Girls & Boys (U12, U14 & U16)

One thought on “Teams

  1. Interested in helping to grow the game of rugby in Scarborough, and develop talented young people and rugby players.
    Would be interested in U12, U14, U16 boys.
    Previous experience with high-school and U16, U18 boys and coed U12, U14.

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